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Operation Requirements
Operation Requirements
Indoor Party
Finding new and exciting entertainment for your students can always be a challenge.
Big Air can fill an entire gym with inflatables to create the
ultimate play land to reward successful fundraisers, good behavior and planned activity days.
Field days can be enhanced with awesome games and heart healthy activities under the sun.
Big Air Spheres
Big Air Soccer Arena
Participants (appropriate for 10 years and up). Climb Into The Sumo Suits, And Try To Push Each Other Out Of The Ring. Perfect For School Events. You Can't Help But Laugh When You See Your Friends Dressed Like Sumo Wrestlers.
Our soccer arena is 65' long and 25' wide.
Host a variety of sporting games in one of our largest inflatable units. 8' high walls encapsulate your grass field or gym floor.
How Much does Big Air Cost?
With Big Air you can go really big, or go small.
Either way we are a very cost effective form of entertainment.
Depending on how you rotate your classes or grades through
our units, there are a variety of ways to combine our products and save.
Big air Dragon Obstacle
Big Air Dragon
Big Air Dragon
Our Dragon Obstacle Course can handle your entire student body and faculty.
At 60' long and 25' wide, you can choose to send groups or classes through the obstacle course,
entering through the mouth and exiting the tail.
$325 is our flat rate rental on this unit. Keep it for 1 hour or all day it's still $325.
Do the math-Big Air can entertain your school for less than $1 per student. (Based on 350 students).
Big Air Dragon
Order Multiple Units and SAVE!
Big Air Mini Castle
Big Air Sports
Big Air Slide
Big air Boxing
Big Air Joust
Our Boxing Ring features oversized boxing gloves
and stands nearly 15' tall. Stage one on one
bouts in this giant bouncing arena.
Bring competion once and for all to a level platform. Participants stand on elevated cylinders 4' above inflated platform. The goal here is to be the last one standing, as your competitor tries to knock you off.
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At Big Air our greatest concern is your satisfaction. We pride ourselves in delivering the best jump houses, bounce houses, water slides and interactives in southern Oregon.
Our business approach is : "What's best for you, is best for us". We are confident that whether it be 5 kids or 500 that we will find the best inflatables to fit your needs. Our easy going attitude allows you to decide the best time and place for your event.
Our Big Air staff will help you decide the most practical area to place our inflatable units. Ideal surfaces include: concrete, pavement, well drained grass areas, indoor gyms, arenas, etc. Gravel, bark mulch, overgrown fields, and un-level surfaces can cause problems for our equipment. Our units can be placed 50' to 100' from your nearest electrical outlet.(Generators are available for an additional charge.)
Our goal is to turn your event into a Big Air Production! For prices, we welcome you to call us at 541-664-8868 or 541-472-6143, or email us at


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Big Air Van
Watch their faces light up when Big Air arrives!!!!