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Operation Requirements
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What if rain is in the forecast for the day of my rental?
Weather is beyond our control.  During periods of severe weather conditions (i.e. rain, high winds, etc.) we reserve the right to cancel your reservation or reschedule.  If conditions are not too severe, we will gladly give you the option of keeping your reservation or not.  However, if you decide to keep the unit for the term of the rental agreement there will be no refunds.

Is light rain ok?
Yes.  Inflatables tend to dry very quickly due to large amounts of air moving through the equipment. 

What if it’s really hot outside?  Does the inflatables have covered roofs?
Some do and some don’t.  Please see "features of each unit".

Operation requirements:

How far away can I have the inflatable placed from my electrical outlet?
The closer to power, the better.  50’ feet provides strong power to our equipment.  The farther away we go from the power source, the weaker it gets.  Units can be placed no more than 100’ from electrical outlet. 

I want to place the inflatable in a place with no power.  Do you rent generators?
Yes.  We charge an additional $50 for use of our generators. (Gas included).

What kind of surfaces can the inflatables be placed on?
Concrete, pavement, well drained grass areas, indoor gyms are all great places for our equipment.  Gravel, bark mulch, overgrown fields, and unleveled surfaces can cause problems for our equipment. 

I’m not sure if my area is suitable for the equipment I want to rent.  Can someone come out and look at the area?
Yes.  We usually can make time to come and inspect your area. 

Will the equipment kill my grass?
No.  Rentals are generally no more than 24 hours.  We have yet to run into this problem.  Be sure to water your lawns promptly after rental is completed. 

What is the age limit for participation?
There are no age limits with Big Air.  Inflatables are assigned weight limits.  As long as weight limits are not exceeded anyone can play.  (Age record is 71 years old.)

How early or late in the day can I rent from Big Air?
Generally we rent as early as 7AM in the summer time, and as late as 8PM.  If your party has a late start, we may leave equipment overnight (all day rentals only) as long as your area is safe and secure. 

I would like to have my party at a local park. Can Big Air set up at parks and recreation areas?
Yes. Many parks allow outside structures to be brought in. However, you must call and arrange prior permission before your party/event. Please note that some parks do not have power, or have limited accessible power. You may need to arrange for power to be turned on. Generator(s) may be necessary.


Do I pay ahead of time?  Or do I pay on the day of the rental? 
It's up to you.  You may pay ahead of time with a check, (via mail) or credit card (via phone).  Or you can pay on delivery.

Is there a security deposit?
Since we do not have a cancellation fee (as long as we don’t deliver) we do not require a deposit from our customers. 


Is it required to sign a release of liability contract to rent from Big Air?
Yes.  No rentals are permitted without a signed release of liability contract.

What are the rules participants will need to follow?
Only compatible age groups and size shall play on the equipment at the same time.  All participants must remove shoes before playing in the unit.  Clean socks and bare feet only.  To avoid injuries, flips are not allowed.  No climbing/pulling on netting or hoops.  No charging/tackling the corners of the units. 

Do I need to supervise the equipment?
Yes.  Children’s safety depends upon you.  Adult supervision is absolutely required.  As the lessee of the equipment, the safety of participants is your responsibility.

Is there anything else I should know about conduct around the equipment?
Yes. Absolutely no silly string, gum, candy, food, excessive make-up, sticky substances or sharp objects are allowed in or around the inflatable unit.